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Here we provide internal links to associated entries: in the case of simplexes, compounds and derivations are listed, in the case of complex words, their elements are listed. Cross-references are given to forms that also appear as headwords (simple and complex), e.g. from āc to āc-cynn, āc-leac, āc-mistel, etc. and from āc-mistel to āc and to mistel, or from bēo-wyrt to wyrt (1) and from wyrt (1) to bēo-wyrt, etc.; active links are indicated by an arrow. Forms which are not discussed as separate entries are listed only here, e.g. maer-āc, āc-hangra.

In a separate list we also provide a selection of place names containing the plant name in question, e.g. for āc, Acomb, Acton, Aighton, Broadoak, Fairoak, Oaken, Radnage.