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There are two ways to search our database: you can either search for plant names (and variants) or carry out a fulltext search.

Step one: Choose the search area you are interested in from the box on the left - this will load a searchfield.

Step two: Type the text you want to search for into the searchbox. (Use 'ae' for 'æ', 'th' for 'þ', etc. For the fulltext search you can use wildcards (*): e.g. to display all instances of ‘bee’ just type in the word: you will only get results containing the word ‘bee’. To display all words containing the search string you have to use ‘bee*’ (You will get ‘bee’, ‘bees’, ‘beech’, ‘beechnut’, etc. as possible hits). The results are displayed according to the number of hits within one data sheet.

Step three: Choose an entry by clicking on it – this will open the quick-info box. To view the whole datasheet of the entry you need to register. (Registration is free.)