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External reference

This part is edited by both the Austrian and German dicitonary team.

In this section, reference is made to the most important dictionaries. The intended sequence is: Old English dictionaries, i.e. Bosworth/Toller (BT) and supplements (BTS, BTSC) as well as the new Dictionary of Old English (DOE); Middle English dictionaries, i.e. the Middle English Dictionary (MED); comprehensive dictionaries, i.e. the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in its current edition; dictionaries of varieties of English, i.e. the Dictionary of the Old Scottish Tongue (DOST), Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary (EDD) and Scottish National Dictionary (SND); and etymological dictionaries, i.e. the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology (ODEE), the Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache (EWDS) and Marzell’s Wörterbuch der deutschen Pflanzennamen.

When ever possible we want to provide online ressources. At the moment we are able to link to the following websites and their databases: DOE, OEC, BT(SC), MED, and OED. We intend to provide a link to the Dicitonary of the Scots Language which includes the DOST and SND. Mind that due to the various possibilities of the differnet search enginges the result of the query might not produce any result (e.g. mixed OE and L query in the COE) or a rather diversifyed (for example, a query with the ModE plant name in the MED).