noun, m., a-decl., 65 occ.

Type: plant-part

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Old-English: crop, cropp, croppa (m. n-St.), croþ, croph, croþ, croppas, croppes, croppum,


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Meanings Last Update: 10.08.2009 08:45

  • A: plant-part
    -, bunch, Büschel
  • B: plant-part
    -, sprout, Spross
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Comments Last Update: 25.04.2011 08:05

  • Comment on (A): -, bunch, Büschel

    Normally referring to the florescence and the infructescence. Cf. BT, s.v. crop; BTS s.v. crop I; BT s.v. croppa; BTS s.v. croppa; ClH, s.v. cropp; DOE, s.v. crop, croppa. The exact meaning is always determined by a defining plant name.

    On ACCITELUM cf. →hramsa. In my opinion, ACUCULE, which Lindheim (1941, note on Dur 7) interpretes as pl. of L ACUCULA 'needle, pike, Nadel, Spitze',[1] is - like the preceding ACECULA (Dur 6: ACITELLIUM UEL ACECULA hrameson) - a corrupted ACCITULA, ACIDULA.[2] CUPLUN is not clear.

  • Comment on (B): -, sprout, Spross

    CAULON (= CAULIS), CIMA, SUMMITATES, TURSUS are used in Is. 17,10,3 as names for aerial plant parts; L CYMA denotes a young cabbage shoot, junger Spross am Kohl, Klohspross (cf. Georges, 2007, s.v.).[3]

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Occurrences Last Update: 28.05.2009 06:17

  • AldVGo, 218 CORIMBOS RACEMOS crop
  • AldVGo, 3743 BOTRIS croppum
  • AldVNa, 1,116 CORIMBOS crop
  • AldVNa, 1,2641 RACEMOS clystra, croppas
  • AldVNa, 1,385 BOTRIS cropp[4]
  • AldVNa, 2,100 RACEMOS,.I. PARTES BOTRI, .I. croppas
  • AldVNa, 5,28 BOTROS croppas
  • AldVNa, 5,36 RACEMIS croppum
  • AldVNa, 7,286 RACEMIS croppum
  • AntK, 111,13 TURSUS[5], CIMIA crop
  • AntK, 144,2 CIMA crop
  • C 31.14, AldV, Logeman, Anglia 13, 35/223 RACEMIS croppum
  • C 32.5, AldMVNa 17, 39 BOTROS croppas
  • C 71.2, Meritt 73a, 3 CUPLUN crop
  • C 71.2, Meritt 73c, 44 SUMMITATES croppes
  • ClSt, C 646 CORIMBOS croppas
  • Cp, 60 (A 130) ACITELUM hromsan crop
  • Dur, 7 ACUCULE croppas
  • Ep, 60 ACITELUM hramsa crop
  • Erf, 60 ACCITULUM hromsa crop
  • Go, 2559 RACEMOS clystra, croppas
  • HA, 178/26[6] napl croppas
  • HA, 192/12[7] napl croppas
  • HA, 214[8] napl croppas
  • HA, 220/11[9] napl croppas
  • HA, 224/16[10] asg crop
  • HA, 224/9[11] napl croppas
  • HA, 240/18[12] napl croppas
  • HA, 276/9[13] napl croppas
  • HA, 282/17[14] asg crop
  • HA, 306/21[15] napl croppas
  • HlOl, C 1803 CORIMBUS.I.UITI RACEMI. UEL BOTRIONES. UEL CIRCULI. wingeardhringas.UEL bergan. croppas. BACCE
  • HlOl, C 608 CAULON crop
  • Laud, 14 ACCITELLUM romsam croþ[16]
  • Laud, 364 CIMA crop
  • LB, 107/20 nasg crop
  • LB, 107/5 nasg crop
  • LB, 25/25 asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 28/41 nasg crop
  • LB, 29/13[17] asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 29/28 asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 30/37 nasg crop
  • LB, 31/28 nasg crop
  • LB, 39/27[18] apl croppas
  • LB, 54/22 asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 54/26 asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 56/16 asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 61/13 asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 62/17 dsg croppan
  • LB, 64/34 dpl croppum
  • LB, 64/39 asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 69/6 asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 7/25 asg (napl.) croppan
  • LB, 7/29 gsg croppan
  • LB, 7/31 asg (napl.) croppan
  • LB, 75/3 asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 78/35 asg (napl) croppan
  • LB, 80/26f gpl croppena
  • Lk(Li), 6,1 SPICAS þa croppas ł ehras
  • Lk(Li), 6,44 UUAM ƀ winbeger ł ƀ cropp
  • Na, 8,210 RACEMIS croppum
  • PsCa(D), 6,32 BUTRUS cropp
  • PsCa(F), 6,32 BOTRUS croppas
  • PsCa(G), 6,32 BOTRI cropp
  • PsCa(J), 6,32 BOTRI cropp
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Lindheim deduces: "Aus den zahlreichen Bedeutungen, die für ae. cropp(a) belegt sind, würde "Sprosse, Ähre" gut hierzu pas­sen."


Cf. AhdGl 5,40,9: ACITELUM.I. crofpho. In the ML dicitionary (Printz 1967, s.v. ACIDULA) all forms are subsumed s.v. ACIDULA.




N.: "R. croppum."


N.: "It is difficult to tell whether the MS. has TURSUS, as in J, or TIRSUS. J, CIMIA, with the second -I- deleted."


Cont.: þysse sylfan wyrte [=solosece] croppas; Hunger (1935,147): HERBÆ SOLATRI BACCAS.


Cont.: þysse ylcan wyrte [=bremel] croppas swa mearwe; Hunger (1935,150): HERBÆ ERUSTI CYMAS TENERAS; cf. Diefenbach (1867, s.v.): "CIMA told".


Cont.: þysse ylcan wyrte [=eorþifig] croppas; Hunger (1935,155): HERBÆ HEDERE NIGRE GRANA.


Cont.: genim þysse wyrte þe man [...] cerfille nemneþ þry croppas swa grene; Hunger (1935,156): HERBÆ CEREFOLII UIRIDES CYMAS TRES.


Cont.: genim þas ylcan wyrte þe we carduum siluaticum nemdun þone crop ufeweardne swa mearune 7 swa grenne; Hunger (1935,157): "HERBÆ CARDI SYLUATICI QUOD HABET IN CAPITE IN SUMMO MEDULLAM UIRIDEM"; MEDULLA = "marrow, Mark"; cf. LB 109/8: wuduþistles þone grenan mearh þe biþ on þam heafde.


Cont.: þysse sylfan wyrte [=lacterida] croppas; Hunger (1936,157; Codex Casinensis): HERBE TYTIMALLI FLOS.


Cont.: genim þysse wyrte croppas þe man [...] caul nemneþ"; Hunger (1936,160; Codes Casinensis): HERBE BRASSICE SILBATICE CINUS.


Cont.: heo [=omnimorbia] on ufewerdum hafaþ sæd swylce croppas.


Cont.: heo [=wulfes tæsel] hafaþ on middan sumne sinewealtne crop 7 þyrnihtne.


Cont.: þysse wyrte [=achillea] croppas.


Read: hromsan crop.


Cont.: þa brunanwyrt […] 7 lustmoce, croppan gecnuwa [...]; crop(pa) is always specifyed by the plantname accompanying it, therefore the comma after lustmoce has to be deleted.


The occurrence was added by a later hand; cf. the note on myxenplante (s.v.).