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noun, m., a-decl.?, 23 occ.

clofþung (m. ? s-St.), clufþung (m. ? s-St.), clofþunge (f. ? n-St.), clufþunge (f. ? n-St.), clifthunge (f. ? n-St.), clofþunc (f. ? n-St.), clofþunche (f. ? n-St.), clufþunge (f. ? n-St.), clufþung (f. ? n-St.), clufþunge (f. ? n-St.), clyfþunge (f. ? n-St.), _clufðung, cluðung, clofðung, clofðunc


  • Ranunculus sceleratus L., celery-leaved buttercup, Giftiger Hahnenfuß
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