noun, m., a-decl., hapax legomenon

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Old-English: eorthcrop,

Latin (Machine generated): CAMELON,

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    -, unsolved, ungeklärt
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    Maybe there is a connection to Glechoma hederaceum L., ground-ivy, Gewöhnlicher Gundermann (→eorþ-īfig), or Hedera heilix L., ivy, Gewöhnlicher Efeu (→īfig); but cf. CGL (III,558,71): CAMELON .I. QUINQUE FOLIUM. CAMELEON, CAMILIA, etc. are often glossed with HEDERA NIGRA in L glossaries. HEDERA NIGRA denotes ivy (cf. André, s.v.) and / or ground-ivy (Earle 1880,6, 30, 46, 76); it is also synonymous with CGL 3,558,26 CAMECISTON, HEDERA TERRANEA (lit. 'earth-ivy, Erdefeu') and further down it is a gloss to CORIMBUS (558,28), which is glossed by →crop and →īfig-crop in OE glossaries. The DOE, s.v. notes: "CHAMAELON is usually glossed wulfescamb ‘wild teasel’ (but cf. CollGl 26 374 CAMIMELOS UEL CANNULEA .I. eorðiuiz".

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  • Dur, 83 CAMELON eorthcrop
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