noun, f., n-decl., 6 occ.

Type: plant

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  • A: plant: introduced By whom, when?
    Inula helenium L., elecampane, Echter Alant
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  • Comment on (A): Inula helenium L., elecampane, Echter Alant

    In LB 82/21 and 82/27 hēahheoloþe and →eolone occur in the same recipe, therefore we have to assume that the latter denotes a different (smaller?, more common?) Inula species. Hēahheoloþe has to denote a large plant: I. helenium can grow up to two meters in hight. Cf. the NHG name 'Großer Alant' (Marzell 2000,II,1012f).

    Storms (1948,323) equates hēahheoloþe with →hind-heoloþe, probably because the LB (7/4ff.) and LA (96/4ff.) record the same recipe, which differs only in this plant name. Petitt (2001,II,l.4) suggests that a "[s]cribal error or auditory confusion might explain the differing first elements hind- and heah-."

    Etymology: hēah- = 'high, hoch'; -heoloþe: cf. s.v. LINKTO [heoloþe].

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  • LB, 32/3 asg heahhioloþan
  • LB, 32/7 nsg heahhioloþe
  • LB, 42/15 nsg heahhioloþe
  • LB, 7/4 asg heahheoloþan
  • LB, 82/21 asg heahhioloþan
  • LB, 82/27 nsg heahhioloþe
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Inula helenium L., elecampane, Echter Alant


Botanical-Information: stylised plate

Source: →reference-information

Thomé, Otto Wilhelm. Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. In 4 Mappen ; 531 Tafeln in naturgetreuen Farben mit 668 Pflanzenarten. Leipzip: Teubner, 1938.

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