noun, f., n-decl., 4 occ.

Type: plant-part

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Old-English: pere, peru,

Latin (Machine generated): PIRUM, PIRUS,

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  • A: plant-part: introduced Propably introduced (cf. Clapham 1962,438).
    Pyri fructus, pear, Birne
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Comment Last Update: 25.07.2011 09:35

  • Comment on (A): Pyri fructus, pear, Birne

    Cf. Is. 17,7,15: PIRUS AUTEM ARBOR [...] CUIUS MULTA SPECIES, EX QUIBUS CRUSTUMIA SUNT PIRA EX PARTE RUBENTIA (this context explains healfreade peran; cf. →pere, healfreade) and Is. 17,7,67: CRUSTUMIA IDEM ET VOLEMIS DICTA. The other interpretamenta do not go with pere: cf. Is. 17,9,41: HYOSCYAMOS [...] HAEC HERBA ET INSANA VOCATUR [...] HANC VULGUS MILIMINDRUM DICIT. On the same page of the MS there is the gloss FROMOS UEL LUCERNARIS UEL INSANA UEL LUCUBROS candeluyrt (= AntK 145,8; in AntK the next but one gloss; in WW it is 137, 8). Here again INSANA does not match the rest of the gloss (cf. s.v. [LINKTO candel-wyrt): therefore I assume that a model of Ant had both unglossed forms which then were erroneously added to INSANA and MILIMINDRUM by the glossator of the Antwerp glossary.

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Occurrences Last Update: 12.05.2010 10:06

  • ClQu, 37,15[1] PIRUS pere
  • ClQu, 37,16 PIRUM pere
  • LB, 53/23 napl peran
  • LB, 54/28 napl peran
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WW pirige; Quinn"s error?