noun, f., n-decl., 7 occ.

Type: plant

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Old-English: malue, maluwe, mealewe, mealwe,

Latin (Machine generated): MALAXI, MALBA, MALUA,

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  • A: plant: native
    Malva sylvestris L., common mallow, Wilde Malve
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  • Comment on (A): Malva sylvestris L., common mallow, Wilde Malve

    M. silvestris L. is "the Mallow par excellence." (Britten / Holland 1886,321); cultivated mallows generally are M. silvestris (cf. André 1985, s.v. MALUA).

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Occurrences Last Update: 04.03.2010 10:28

  • AntK, 111,16 MALUA maluwe[1] UEL geormenletic
  • Br,WW, 297,27 MALBA mealewe
  • Laud, 948 MALAXI[2] malue
  • LB, 58/17 asg mealwan
  • LB, 68/25 nsg mealwe
  • LB, 71/39 asg mealwan
  • LB, 9/1 asg mealwan
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Malva sylvestris L., common mallow, Wilde Malve


Botanical-Information: stylised plate

Source: →reference-information

Fitch, Walter Hood. Illustrations of the British Flora: London: Reeve, 1924.

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N.: "J, malwe for maluwe."


= gr. μαλάχη "Malve".