noun, n., , hapax legomenon

Type: plant-related

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Meaning Last Update: 25.02.2009 08:04

  • A: plant-related
    -, storehouse for fruit, Obstkammer
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Comment Last Update: 19.10.2011 10:52

  • Comment on (A): -, storehouse for fruit, Obstkammer

    L POMARIUM denotes 'orchard, fruit storage; Obstgarten, Obstkammer' for the meaning of L CUCUMERARIUM cf. →wyrt-tūn and CGL 5,566,27: CUCUMERARIA LXX POMORUM CUSTODIA.

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Occurrence Last Update: 10.04.2009 06:39

  • AntK, 239,13 POMARIUM UEL CUCUMERARIUM æppelhus
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