noun, m., ja-decl., 28 occ.

Type: plant

Last Update: 12.08.2011 13:49

Old-English: saecg, secc, secg, secgg, sech, seg, segc, segg, seic, secg-, secge-, segc-, sfccbs,


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Meanings Last Update: 11.11.2008 15:15

  • A: plant
    Carex L., sedge, a species of ~, Segge, eine Art ~
  • A: plant
    -, sedge, or similar plants, Segge oder ähnliche Pflanzen
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Comment Last Update: 09.08.2010 08:16

  • Comment on (A): Carex L., sedge, a species of ~, Segge, eine Art ~

    Other identifications like Juncus L.; rush; Binse, (cf. →rics), Iris L.; iris; Schwert­lilie (cf. →glædene) are possible since commonly the different sedge species are not differenciated in the vernacular because of their similar habitus and habitat (cf. Marzell 2000,I,826; also cf. CGL 5,617,25: CAREX LISCA; AhdGl 2,378,38: CAREX QUDD COMMUNITER LISCA DICITUR; in more detail Marzell 2000,1,827 on G Liesch; Carex L. SABIUM is not clear.

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Occurrences Last Update: 01.10.2010 17:05

  • AntK, 111,3 CARIX[1] ET SABIUM ET LISCA secg
  • Br,WW, 296,4 CARIX segg
  • Br,WW, 297,26 GLADIOLUM secgg
  • C 28, Na 56, 433 CAREX secc
  • ClQu, 71,1 GLADIOLUM segc
  • ClSt, C 23 CARIX secg
  • ClSt, G 54 D 11, f.9r,col.2 GLADIOLUM secg
  • ClSt, L 290 LISCA secg
  • Cp, 383(C 110) CARIX secg
  • Cp, 999(G 113) GLADIOLUM saecg
  • Dur, 97 CARIX sech
  • Ep, 463 GLADIOLUM segg
  • Erf, 251 CARIX sech
  • Erf, 463 GLADIOLUM secg
  • HlOl, C 408 CARIX secg
  • LA, 118/7[2] asg secg
  • Laud, 281 CARIX seg
  • LB, 108/25 gsg secges
  • LB, 17/13 asg secg
  • LB, 21/2 asg secg
  • LB, 23/34[3] asg secg
  • LB, 24/30 asg secg
  • LB, 32/11 asg secg
  • Ld,, Holth. Nr.153 CAREX seic[4]
  • Prud, 813[5] INTER CARICES etwkxsfccbs
  • Æ, (C) 311,15 CAREX secg
  • Æ, (F) 311,15 CAREX secg
  • Æ, 311,15 CAREX segc
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MS J: carex.


Not recorded in BT(SC); cont.: wyl secg 7 glædenan.


Context: cnuwa niþewearde hamorwyrt 7 secg. Read hamorwyrt 7 hamorsecg, cf. s.v. homorsecg (39/6).


N.: "l. secg".


N.: "The gloss is secret script for etwix seccas; an erasure in the lemma has obscured all but a trace of an initial letter in the gloss - read betwix seccas [...] Cf. Fact and Lore, 2,B,50."