popig, hwīt

noun, m.?, , 4 occ.

Type: plant

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  • A: plant: introduced
    Papaver somniferum L., opium poppy, Schlafmohn
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  • Comment on (A): Papaver somniferum L., opium poppy, Schlafmohn

    Cf. Hunger (1935,167): LV: PAPAUER = P. somniferum, Laud 979 (ME­TORIA. I. popig), DP 238 (METORIA hvit popig) and n. 238: "Das Lemma METORIA ist wohl aus gr. μήκων 'Mohn' entstellt." Hwīt popig probably is a translation of L PAPAUER ALBUM, an old name of P. somniferum: cf. L HA (Howald / Sigersit 1927,53,11f): "A GRAECIS DICITUR MECON ROEAS, [...] ITALI PAPAUER ALBUM."

    The name may refer to a subspecies, (P. somniferum subsp. officinale, white poppy seed, Weißmohn), which has white seeds. This variety was frequently and is still used as a nut-substitute in cooking.

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Occurrences Last Update: 10.09.2010 06:38

  • Dur, 238 METORIA hwit popig
  • HA, LIV, 156/17[1] nsg Popig
  • HA, LIV, 156/20 asg þe grecas moecorias[2] 7 romane papauer album nemnaþ 7 engle hwit popig hataþ
  • HA, LIV, 26/4 nsg metoria ƀ is hwit popig
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Papaver somniferum L., opium poppy, Schlafmohn


Botanical-Information: stylised plate

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Thomé, Otto Wilhelm. Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. In 4 Mappen ; 531 Tafeln in naturgetreuen Farben mit 668 Pflanzenarten. Leipzip: Teubner, 1938.

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MS B: hwit popi.


Hilbelink: moetorias.