noun, f., i-decl., 7 occ.

Type: plant

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Old-English: gescadvyrt, gescadwyrt, gescaldwyrt, gescanuuyrt, giscaduuyrt,

Latin (Machine generated): BERBESCUM, HERBESCUM, TALLUMBUS,

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  • A: plant: native
    Verbascum thapsus L., great mullein, Kleinblütige Königskerze
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  • Comment on (A): Verbascum thapsus L., great mullein, Kleinblütige Königskerze

    Cf. Lindheim's notes on the entries in Dur. TALUMBUS is not clear. Of all explanations available,[1] in my opinion, Brown's attempt (1969,832) is the most convincing: "BERBESCUM. HERBESCUM […] probably VERBASCUM, very likely confused with VERBENACA, VERBENA, the last of which is very often glossed COLUMBARIA". Rusche (1996, 687) supports this theory. VERBENACA, etc. = Verbena officinalis L.[2]

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Occurrences Last Update: 03.08.2009 09:57

  • ClQu, 58,13 TALLUMBUS gescaldyyrt[3]
  • Cp, 2005(T 24) TALLUMBUS gescadwyrt
  • Dur, 195 HERBESCUM gescadvyrt
  • Dur, 61 BERBESCUM gescadvyrt
  • Ep, 1032 TALLUMBUS giscaduuyrt
  • Erf, 1032 TALLUMBUS gescanuuyrt
  • LB, 82/35 nasg gescadwyrt
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Verbascum thapsus L., great mullein, Kleinblütige Königskerze


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Fitch, Walter Hood. Illustrations of the British Flora: London: Reeve, 1924.

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E.g. Pheifer, n.1032: "? for Gr. βούφθαλμον "oxeye"" (following Cockayne 1961,II,387). I do not understand Pheifer"s note "giscaduuyrt "dividing-plant" (here only) [?] would fit a species of clover".


Also cf. Quinn, note on 58, 13: "Lindsay, Corpus Glossary T 24, queries if this lemma be for PALUMBUS or COLUMBUS." The Gk name of V. officinalis is PERISTEREON "Tauben­kraut".


Rusche (1996, 687): "Read gescadwyrt."