noun, m., a-decl., 33 occ.

Type: plant

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Old-English: gallac, galoc, galluc, galloc, galluces,


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Meanings Last Update: 23.05.2011 13:13

  • A: plant: native
    Symphytum officinale L., common comfrey, Arznei-Beinwell
  • B: plant: native Today: Mainly from the Orient. European countries also furnish oak galls, e. g., England, Germany, Italy, but these are decidedly inferior in the amount of tannin they contain. (
    ? Gallae quercinae, gallnut, Gallapfel
  • C: plant: foreign Native to the Mediterranean, cultivated as crop (esp. Lupinus albus L.) Probably not introduced to W-EU before the 16th cent. Some information:
    ? Lupinus L., lupin, a species of ~, Lupine, eine Art von ~
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Comments Last Update: 15.10.2009 11:37

  • Comment on (A): Symphytum officinale L., common comfrey, Arznei-Beinwell

    Cf. BTC, s.v. galluc, and Förster (1917,126); also Hunger (1935,167): LXI: SIMPHITUM = S. officinale. Based on the context this is the only possible identification for the LA.[1]

  • Comment on (B): ? Gallae quercinae, gallnut, Gallapfel

    Cf. Förster (n. on AntFö 126,176): "Wenn […] galloc […] das lat. GALLA 'gallapfel' glossiert, so ist schwer zu sagen, ob das eine durch die ähnlichkeit des wortklanges veranlaßte fehlübersetzung ist, oder ob der glossator in vollem Verständnis für die bedeutung des lateinischen wortes eine anglisierung desselben mittelst des ae. Suffixes -oc wählte." If the second assumption was true, we would have to assume two lemmata, to be differentiated etymologically and with regard to meaning (cf. ibid.).

    ADRIATICA cannot be verifyed as plant name[2]; MALUM TERRAE does not suit our meanings A-C and neither does it go with →elehtre.

  • Comment on (C): ? Lupinus L., lupin, a species of ~, Lupine, eine Art von ~

    Cf. BTC, s.v. galluc, and Förster (1917,126).

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Occurrences Last Update: 04.11.2010 06:51

  • AntFö, 126, 176 ADRIATICA galluc ł MALUM TERRE
  • Br,WW, 298,1 GALLA galloc
  • Br,WW, 299,20 SINFITUM gallac
  • C 28, Na 56, 388 ADRIACA galluc
  • C 71.2, Meritt 73a, 4[3] CONFIRIE .I. galluc
  • ClSt, G 41 GALLA galluc
  • ClSt, M 381 MALUM TERRA galloc
  • Cp, 969(G 7) GALLA galluc
  • D 11, f.9r, col.2 GALLA galluc
  • Dur, 129 CONFIRMA galluc
  • Dur, 13 ADRIATICA galluc
  • Dur, 179 GALBA galloc
  • Dur, 229 MALUM TERRE galluc UEL elechtre
  • Dur, 313 SUMPHITUM galluc
  • Ep, 466 GALLA galluc
  • Erf, 466 GALLA galluc
  • HA, LX, 162/11 galluc CONFIRMA
  • HA, LX, 162/11 asg þe man CONFIRMAN 7 oþrum naman galluc nemneþ
  • HA, LX, 162/9 nsg Galluc
  • HA, LX, 26/18 nsg CONFIRMA ƀ is galluc
  • LA, 100/26[4] gsg galluces
  • LA, 166/15[5] nsg galluc
  • Laud, 162 ADRIACA.I. CONFIRMA UEL galloc
  • Laud, 345 CONFIRMA Galluc
  • LB, 109/28 nasg galluc
  • LB, 109/31 nasg galluc
  • LB, 18/40 nasg galluc
  • LB, 21/35 nasg galluc
  • LB, 23/18 nasg galluc
  • LB, 25/3 nasg galluc
  • LB, 29/11 nasg galluc
  • Med 2 (Torkar) (B21.2.3), 2.2 Nim galluc
  • Æ, 310,14 ADRIACA galluc
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  • Etymology: Etymology-Comment:
  • Word-Formation:
  • Word-Formation-Comment:
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Image Last Update: 11.08.2011 12:12

Symphytum officinale L., common comfrey, Arznei-Beinwell


Botanical-Information: stylised plate

Source: →reference-information

Thomé, Otto Wilhelm. Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. In 4 Mappen ; 531 Tafeln in naturgetreuen Farben mit 668 Pflanzenarten. Leipzip: Teubner, 1938.

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Förster: "Symphytum officinale [...] ist auch sicher gemeint in einem ags. rezepte (Leechdoms III 6,10), da dort ausdrücklich von der wurzelrübe der pflanze (galluces moran) die rede ist." On Förster"s note cf. Laud 162 and the respective note.


The DOE, s.v. regard it as an "otherwise unattested HADRIATICA ‘? comfrey’".


N.: "Cf. CUMFIRIA.I. galloc, WW 555,4."


Cont.: galluces moran.


Cont.: gif man sceorpe on þone innaþ: galluc hatte; delf [þa moran] wiþ eagena teara; cf. Grattan / Singer (1951,166,n.5): "There is clearly some omission here, as C noted; but the MS. gives no indication of it. Neither C nor L observes that the corruption has extended to the following lines: the words þa moran, which follow win two lines below in the MS., have been misplaced. The emended text remains incomplete." Cf. Cockayne (1962,III,44/28): "galluc hatte […] delf […] wiþ eagena teara"; amend wyrt after hatte: cf. for instance LB 6/24 murra hatte wyrt.