noun, n., a-decl., 2 occ.

Type: plant

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  • A: plant: native
    Malva sylvestris L., common mallow, Wilde Malve
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  • Comment on (A): Malva sylvestris L., common mallow, Wilde Malve

    In BT(SC), ClH, DOE recorded as variant of →geormen-lēaf.

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Occurrences Last Update: 13.07.2009 20:45

  • PD, 37/18 asg eormeleaf
  • PD, 45/2[1] gsg eorme leafes
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Malva sylvestris L., common mallow, Wilde Malve


Botanical-Information: stylised plate

Source: →reference-information

Fitch, Walter Hood. Illustrations of the British Flora: London: Reeve, 1924.

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Cont.: eorme leafes sæd; L text (Löweneck 1896,44/1): SEMINE MALVE.