noun, f., , hapax legomenon

Type: plant-part

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Old-English: æpelscealum,

Latin (Machine generated): CITTIS,

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  • A: plant-part
    -, sheath enclosing the apple pip, Haut, die den Apfelkern umschließt
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Comment Last Update: 29.03.2011 10:23

  • Comment on (A): -, sheath enclosing the apple pip, Haut, die den Apfelkern umschließt

    The DOE, s.v. defines the lemma as "membrane which surrounds the seeds of fruit, here specifically the pithy membrane of a pomegranate" and relates the occurrance to Aldhelm, De virginitate 9, 236.17: MALA PUNICA CITTIS GRANISQUE RUBENTIBUS REFERTA ET SIMPLO LIBRORUM TEGMINE CONTECTA. On L CITTIS cf. →filmen and L CICCUM ('core of the pomgranate').

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Occurrence Last Update: 21.04.2009 08:05

  • ClSt, C 369 CITTIS uilmenum æpelscealum ymb ða cyrnlu
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