noun, , , hapax legomenon

Type: plant-product

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Meaning Last Update: 22.04.2011 07:24

  • A: plant-product
    -, purgative, Purgiermittel
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Comment Last Update: 30.03.2012 11:12

  • Comment on (A): -, purgative, Purgiermittel

    Not a plant name; Cockayne (1962,III,97) erroneously translates "satureia, savory"; the lemma is probably not OE (not recorded in any dictionary) but a form of L CATHARTICUM 'purgative, Purgiermittel' (cf. Georges, 2007, s.v).

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Occurrence Last Update: 19.10.2010 06:18

  • PD, 13/26[1] asg catarcum
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Research Literature

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Cont.: gyf hy ablindiaþ butan ælcon sare, sylle hym drincan catarcum, and he byþ gehæled; L text (Löweneck 1896,12/18): SI SINE TUMORE EST DOLOR, CATARTICO DATO CURABIS.