noun, n., , 12 occ.

Type: plant

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Old-English: hysopo, isopo, issopum, ysope, ysopo,

Latin (Machine generated): DE YSOPO, HYSOPO,

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Meaning Last Update: 10.10.2011 11:54

  • A: plant: introduced Introduced: Hyssopus officinalis L. (cf. Clapham 1962,741); probably by Romans.
    Hyssopus L., hyssop, a species of ~, Ysop, eine Art von ~
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Comment Last Update: 07.03.2011 15:09

  • Comment on (A): Hyssopus L., hyssop, a species of ~, Ysop, eine Art von ~

    Cf. →hlenotēar.

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Occurrences Last Update: 31.03.2009 07:15

  • C 84, Gough S.286 und Bierbaumer 1977, S.119 DE YSOPO ysope
  • LB, 73/38 dsg ysopo
  • LB, 8/34 nsg ysopum hatte wyrt
  • Ps(A), 50,9 HYSOPO mid ysopan
  • Ps(B), 50,9 HYSOPO mid ysopan
  • Ps(C), 50,9 HYSOPO mid isopon
  • Ps(E), 50,9 HYSOPO myd ysopo
  • Ps(F), 50,9 HYSOPO mid hysopon
  • Ps(G), 50,9 HYSOPO mid ysopon
  • Ps(J), 50,9 HYSOPO mid isopon
  • Ps(K), 50,9 HYSOPO issooum
  • Ps(L), 50,9 HYSOPO mid ysopan
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