æsc (1)

noun, m., a-decl., 14 occ.

Type: plant

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Old-English: aastc, aesc, æsc, eesh, esc, æscs, aes, æsces, æsce, æscce, ægscce, esce, æscas, æsceas, æsca, asca, æscum,


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Meaning Last Update: 13.05.2009 09:45

  • A: plant: native
    Fraxinus excelsior L., common ash, Gewöhnliche Esche
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Comment Last Update: 22.04.2009 10:37

  • Comment on (A): Fraxinus excelsior L., common ash, Gewöhnliche Esche

    In poetry æsc denotes the spear which is traditionally made of ash-wood (=metonymy).

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Occurrences Last Update: 10.04.2009 06:59

  • AntK, 121,11 FRAXINUS æsc
  • ClQu, 36,11 FRAXINUS æsc
  • ClSt, F 209 FRAXINUS æsc
  • Cp, 1675 (P 366) PRAXINUS, UIRIDUS,[1] COLOR UEL aesc
  • Cp, 939 (F 327) FRAXINUS aesc
  • D 25, Bodley 730, f.145r, col.1, 40 FRAXINUS eesh
  • Ep, 416 FRAXIMUS[2] aesc
  • Ep, 772 PRAXINUS aesc
  • Erf, 414 FRAXINUS aastc
  • Erf, 772 PRAXINUS esc
  • LB, 21/7 nasg æsc
  • LB, 20/41 nasg æsc
  • LB, 27/11 gsg æsces
  • Æ, 312,3 FRAXINUS æsc
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Etymology Last Update: 29.03.2011 11:55

  • Etymology: IE Etymology-Comment:

    IE *osk- > Gmc *ask(i)- ; OHG asc, asca, MHG esch(e), asch, ON askr, OS ask

  • Word-Formation: simplex
  • Word-Formation-Comment: -
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Fraxinus excelsior L., common ash, Gewöhnliche Esche


Botanical-Information: stylised plate

Source: →reference-information

Thomé, Otto Wilhelm. Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. In 4 Mappen ; 531 Tafeln in naturgetreuen Farben mit 668 Pflanzenarten. Leipzip: Teubner, 1938.

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Cf. Wynn 1961,572: "In Corpus, or in the Corpus original, the copyist or glossator has taken PRAXINUS to be a variant spelling of Latin PRASINUS [...], emerald-green, and the alternative glosses UIRIDUS (= CL VIRIDIS green), and color [...] have been added."